GCT 565 Augmented Humans
This course explores various aspects (interfaces, sensing & haptics, applications) of augmented humans.
Fall 2021
Fall 2022
Fall 2023
CTP445 Augmented Reality
This course explores core knwoledge relating to augmented reality including augmented interfaces, sensing technology, visualization, and applications.
Spring 2022
Spring 2024
GCT 722 Interactive Haptic Technologies (Offered biennially)
This course will cover interactive haptic technologies for XR/AR/VR, Mobile/Ubiquitous Computing, and Tangible & Object Interface.
Spring 2023
Spring 2025
GCT/MV623 Interaction Sensing Principle& Application
This course will educate core principles of 3D & Physical sensing adopted for huamn computer interaction.
Spring 2023
Spring 2024