Project Gallery
GCT565 (Augmented Humans), Fall 2021

Immersive Multimodal MR Environment for Relieve stress

Seonji Kim & Seongjin Park [Slide]

Depth aware Real-time 6DoF Object Pose Tracking for Augmented Reality

Chaejung Maeng [Slide]

A Comprehensive Procedure for Personalized Happiness Recommender System: Using Multi-Faceted Signal Processing with Holistic Quantified Self (HQS)

Eunhwa Song & Byeong-Yun Ko [Slide]

Sense of Embodiment(SoE) Amplification for Paraplegic People by Lower Body Motion Generation in Virtual Reality
SIGGRAPH 2022 Emerging Technologies

Hyuckjin Jang & Taehei Kim [Slide]

The Impact of the Displayed Emotions of the Virtual Avatar on the Emotional State of the User

Tatiana Chivisova & Bowon Kim [Slide]

Co-presence in MR Museum: on the magnitude of physical and behavior manisfestation

Eunseo Kim & Taewook Ha [Slide]