CTP445 Spring 2022
Augmented Reality

The interactive experience with digital context has been evolved in the past few decades from desktop/mobile environment to virtual reality (VR). Whereas VR places a user inside a completely computer-generated environment, AR goes beyond this scope by bridging the gap between the virtual and real world seamlessly. This course will introduce theories and applications related to augmented reality technology. Students will also learn basic skills to develop augmented reality applications and content.
Course Staff
Instructor: Prof. Sang Ho Yoon
      Office Hours: By Appointment

TAs: Seo Young Oh
      Dooyoung Kim
      Office Hours: By Appointment
Course Info
Time: 1:00-2:30pm Mon/Wed
Location: N25 #3229 & Zoom live session
Assignment Submission & Grading: KLMS
Discussion and Q&A: Campuswire
▪ 6/22 Check out the fantastic videos from Group AR Project in the Project Gallery!
▪ 6/1   Final Presentation on 6/8 will be held in N25 #3229
▪ 5/23 Register for CTSCAPE (SymCT)
▪ 5/23 All final presentations will be on 6/8 (Wed)
▪ 5/15 Project Feedback Meeting on 5/20(Fri)
▪ 5/9   Progress Report due 5/22(Sun) 11:59pm
▪ 4/28 Submit Progress Presentation Slides to KLMS due by 5/2(Mon) 12:00pm
▪ 4/27 Progress Presentation on 5/2 & 5/4 will be held in N25 #3229.
▪ 4/18 Project Feedback on 4/25 will be held in N25 #3229. Please join during your timeslot (You can come early or stay longer for team discussion).
▪ 3/21 Topic Presentation Example Slide from Team #1 is uploaded on KLMS
▪ 3/10 Check Device Allocation for HW. TAs will announce the device pick-up time.
▪ 3/10 First Reading Response due 11:59pm
▪ 3/10 Topic Presentation Sign-up due 11:59pm
▪ 3/7   Reading Group Announcement
Project Gallery

The Choards

Members: Eunki Joung, Seung-gun Park

The Ducks: An Immersive AR-based Tycoon Game

GAZA (ISMAR 2022 Poster)

Members: Hyuckjin Jang, Kyung Taek Oh, Seonji Kim

AR Store Placement based on Spatial Information in Mobile AR Shopping


Members: Chaejung Maeng, Jiho Kang, Taehei Kim

Adaptive Pointing Motion Generation using Mobile UI component for Mobile AR Collaboration

Cool Video

memARy(VR 2023 Poster)

Members: Eunhwa Song, Minju Baeck, Jihyeon Lee

Memo:me, AR Sticky Notes with Time and Color-based Reminder and Priority Transition System for To-do Management


Members: Pooseung Sean Koh, Jaejun Lee, Jaehong Kim

AR Desktop: Considering the Work Efficiency and Ergonomics

Cool Video


Members: Jungjin Park, Jeonghoon Han, Gihoon Kim

AR Brain Wall


Members: Hail Song, Youjin Sung, Jina Kim

heARme!: Accessibility AR Sound Recognition App for hard Of Hearing People

Best Idea

YunLeeKim (ISMAR 2022 Poster)

Members: Seungun Lee, Jiyoung Yun, Dain Kim

MARS: Museum AR guide System

Best Idea

Cat Together

Members: Bowon Kim, Yujeung Eum, Sihyun Jeong



Members: Hyun Ho Yun, Soyeon Yoon, Kampanart Sudprasert, Sungwoo Jeon

Cloud Anchored Augmented Restaurant Menu Replacement by Time Period

Art Rich (ISMAR 2022 Poster)

Members: Joosun Yum, Sohyun Park, Jieon Du, Zeynep Ozdemir

Place Your AR Artwork: Art Rich

AR Ensemble Space

Members: Jiyun Park, Jaeran Choi, Yohan Yun

AR Ensemble Space: Spatial Music Visualizer in Augmented Reality