2021 Undergraduate Research Internship

About Internship [Apply Now]

I started as an assistant professor in the Graduate School of Culture Technology at KAIST in September 2021 and launched HCI Tech Lab. We are looking for a few undergraduate research interns for 2021 Fall semester & Winter.

HCI Tech Lab Introduction

As an interdisciplinary research group in Culture Technology, we build physical/digital interactive system empowered by novel sensing/haptic technologies. In HCI Tech Lab, we aim to explore novel interactive technologies that bring direct benefits to real world users. Our research process generally includes:

  • Find gaps between interface/device and human
  • Bridge the gap with novel technical/social solution
  • Evaluate the solution with research methods
  • Deploy the solution with practical applications
Refer to recent papers for examples.

Potential Projects

You’ll be working on a research project, and closely interacting with me and others. Here are some potential project ideas:

  • Design/build/evaluate novel sensing techniques (capacitive, magnetic, Ultra wideband, radar, LiDAR, Computer Vision, biosignal) for AR/VR interactions. (Related Projects: iSoft, Scenariot, TRing, TMotion, TiMMi)
  • Design/build/evaluate wearable haptic experiences for AR/VR interactions. (Related Projects: HapSense)
  • Augmented humans with bio-physiological sensing with applied machine learning to understand user intention and status. (Related Projects: Stress Monitoring using Multimodal Bio-sensing Headset)
  • Customization & Recommender Toolkit for Sensing/Haptic Interfaces design in AR/VR. (Related Projects: TRing, iSoft, HapSense )
  • Design study (e.g., Elicitation, data capture) on deformable/soft/wearable interfaces. (Related Projects: BikeGesture )


  • We are looking for students who are eager to learn and build physical & digital interactive system. (Looking for students from diverse backgrounds & majors)
  • We are looking for students who are ready for get their hands dirty for prototyping.
  • We are looking for students with responsibility who can actually realize proposed ideas.
  • We are looking for students to have prototyping experience or intro-level HCI knowledge. (Optional, but strongly recommended)

Internship Conditions

  • Only accept students who can participate more than 3 months (12 weeks) or more.
  • Flexible start and end dates.
  • Prefers students who are willing to extend the internship. At the end of the internship, we will discuss about extending the internship. The decision will depend on various factors (Internship progress, fit to the lab, commitment).
  • Flexible working hours. Full commitment (15~20 hours per week during the semester or 40 hours per week during winter) is required.
  • Personal office space will be provided in the N5 building (currently work-in-progress).
  • URP is a great option for undergraduate students at KAIST.

How to Apply?

  • Click Apply Now & fill out the form.
  • If you do not hear from me within 48 hours after completing the form, please send a reminder email to sangho@kaist.ac.kr.