M.S./Ph.D. Open Positions

HCI Tech Lab Introduction

As an interdisciplinary research group in Culture Technology, we build physical/digital interactive system empowered by novel sensing/haptic technologies. In HCI Tech Lab, we aim to explore novel interactive technologies that bring direct benefits to real world users. Our research process generally includes:

  • Find gaps between interface/device and human
  • Bridge the gap with novel technical/social solution
  • Evaluate the solution with research methods
  • Deploy the solution with practical applications
Refer to recent papers for examples.

Potential Projects

You’ll be working on a research project, and closely interacting with me and others. Here are some potential project ideas:

  • Design/build/evaluate novel sensing techniques (capacitive, magnetic, Ultra wideband, radar, LiDAR, Computer Vision, biosignal) for AR/VR interactions. (Related Projects: iSoft, Scenariot, TRing, TMotion, TiMMi)
  • Design/build/evaluate wearable haptic experiences for AR/VR interactions. (Related Projects: HapSense)
  • Augmented humans with bio-physiological sensing with applied machine learning to understand user intention and status. (Related Projects: Stress Monitoring using Multimodal Bio-sensing Headset)
  • Customization & Recommender Toolkit for Sensing/Haptic Interfaces design in AR/VR. (Related Projects: TRing, iSoft, HapSense )
  • Design study (e.g., Elicitation, data capture) on deformable/soft/wearable interfaces. (Related Projects: BikeGesture )
  • You can also suggest new ideas!

Applications for M.S./Ph.D. Positions

If you are interested in working with us as a MS/PhD student or postdoc, please send me an email.

State briefly why you are interested and attach a CV, including information about the grades you had as an undergraduate. No need for a separate cover letter or certificates.

Important: please insert “Application PhD” or “Application MS" in the subject line.


  • We are looking for students who are eager to learn and build physical & digital interactive system. (Looking for students from diverse backgrounds & majors)
  • We are looking for students who are ready for get their hands dirty for prototyping.
  • We are looking for students with responsibility who can actually realize proposed ideas.
  • We are looking for students to have prototyping experience or intro-level HCI knowledge. (Optional, but strongly recommended)

Ph.D. Student

  • I prefer accepting Ph.D. student who has valid prior research experiences. Please apply as M.S. if you do not have feasible research experiences.
  • If you would like to have research experience prior to Ph.D., please work in our lab as an intern or apply as a M.S. student.

M.S. Student

  • I do not have any preference on research experiences for M.S. students.
  • All M.S. students are expected to carry out research project and write a thesis.
  • Please contact me as early as possible since slots are limited each semester (1~2 slots).
  • For official admission in GSCT, you must contact your top-priority prospective advisor in advance. Please refer to GSCT admission website.